Bar furniture

Restaurant chairs, chairs and table

Metalmobil is part of a group of companies and brands headed by IFI S.p.A., an historical company founded in 1962 and specialised in the production of furnishings for coffee shops, patisseries, ice-cream parlours and bakeries.

The Group was born in 2003 to identify our trademarks and companies all operating n the production of equipment and furniture for public areas, expecially in bar furniture.
Since the second half of Sixities, IFI became leader in industrial production of bar counters tanks to the masterly combination between wood processing - together with industrial technology for steel processing - and advanced research in the refrigeration sector.

Metalmobil is specialised for over 40 years in the creation of chairs and tables for public areas in the name of synthesis and simplicity . The company's products, in particular restaurant chairs, respect the health of human beings and of the environment because Metalmobil uses non-toxic and recyclable materials.

Designing of functional, original products, in line with market demands, fruit of the time and of the culture of the moment. This is what Metalmobil asks the designers that collaborate with the company in creating the collections of chairs and tables.

Every Metalmobil product (in particular chairs and table for public and private use and restaurant chairs) undergoes strict tests and inspections in the company's laboratories.